Online video/phone Counselling, talking therapies and life coaching allow you to talk extensively through your concerns. I will help you to think about your goals and frustrations, how to prioritise and achieve positive change; we use a range of tools including creative therapy, worksheets, mindfulness and CBT-based work to tailor the work to your needs. Sessions can be via phone or video conference. Contact me to book a session.

Clinical supervision, is a formal therapeutic role provided to counsellors and therapists in practice and training. I deliver clinical supervision for training and qualified counsellors and therapists and provide training placements for art therapy students. Contact me for more information.

Art psychotherapy is a registered psychological therapy using art materials and processes to manage, contain and process difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences. You can talk about your concerns and we reflect on your personal journey and how this is expressed and re-framed through the art making experience. It is not necessary to be able to draw or to be 'good at art'; art therapy may be group, classroom based or individual, 1-2-1 therapy. Contact me if you'd like to know more.

I work with adults and children, with a range of concerns such as anxiety, depressionstress, work issues, ASD, ADHD, Aspergers, sexuality, bereavement, relationships, life and career changes. I can help you achieve your goals as working together we identify your aims, recognise obstacles and strengths and develop positive outcomes.

David Elliott MA. Registered HCPC, BAAT

For online/phone consultations & supervision:

  • Step 1: Just email me and we can arrange a 30-minute no-fee, phone/video conversation where we think about what is bringing you to therapy. You can end at any time and there is no obligation to continue after this session. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and that we are a good match to work together. I will ask you to complete and return a referral form to help me understand what you are looking for and to ensure safe working practice.

  • Step 2: If we decide to continue working together, we agree a day, time and frequency for a block of 6 sessions. These are 50 minutes long and may be twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly: we will discuss what is most helpful for you and can amend the frequency if we need to. Ongoing consultations are at the same time/day each week - this supports the therapy process by committing a dedicated time slot each week.

  • Step 3: we review how things are on week 6 and whether you would like to book further sessions. Sometimes a short block of therapy is sufficient, sometimes people benefit from an open ended approach that allows more time to think, explore and process. You are free to bring things to an end whenever you wish - it's usually helpful for the client experience to agree the final session at least one or two weeks ahead.

Fees (updated April 2020)

• Initial 30 minute consultation: no fee

• Ongoing 50 minute consultations: £70.

Cancellations under 48 hours must be paid for

What clients are saying...


  • "Therapy has made such a difference for me; I had real trouble sleeping before I saw David. It's great value for money."


  • "I like art therapy... I don't feel angry any more, I tell my teacher if I'm upset now. Before art therapy I just used to run out of the classroom."


  • "My student always returns to the classroom much calmer after seeing David. He seems better able to concentrate through the rest of the day."


  • "Following several weeks of therapy with David, there had been a marked response in my client's behaviour. He was able to stop and think about his actions and contain and manage them in a much more positive way."



  •  "Art therapy is like putting my brain down on paper; it helps me to understand myself better."


Immediate help: If you need urgent / immediate help, UK only: please call 999, attend A&E, contact your GP, or ring The Samaritans: 116 123.

Other free support services may be found online.

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