Study of several trees/ ii.

Very briefly: I didn't like admitting defeat over my first attempt at a group of trees mentioned at the start of my previous post.

This was the scene that did if for me initially, rather, this is about a quarter of the scene, neatly framed by the iPad camera:

Cezanne's water colour sketches came to mind as I looked back at the photo and remembered the experience of standing in the dappled light and shadow among the trees. Below, this is even titled, 'Under the Trees'.

So I thought I'd give it a go: I focused on the group of relatively bare tree trunks rising vertically from the undergrowth and disappearing into the leafy canopy. Just sketching the trunks, then indicating darkest shadow with lose hatching with the pencil.

I then mixed three dilute watercolours: french ultramarine, sap green and yellow ocre, with the following result:

Overall I was pleased with the result: capturing a sense of the trees in dappled light, and with the process of problem solving... how on earth do I summarise overwhelming visual information. Thanks Cezanne!

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