Gaining perspective

So this is the piece I made for 'Assignment 3', looking at perspective and including both man-made and natural forms. Not much in the way of linear perspective going on here, so I brought the gravel path into the foreground. The house is too concealed for much perspective.

However I liked the aerial perspective of this view, afforded by the break in the trees revealing the distant fields & hedgerows, the clouds receding to the horizon. It was a very windy day, I tried to capture that in the trees behind the house.

Given the colours... verdant greens, terracotta roofs, white walls, blue shadows and sky, it seemed natural to work in strong colours. I started with some sketches in soft pastel but for this I wanted something with more body, so used oil pastel and oil bar. Perhaps I could have added more detail in the grass and plants of the foreground, but felt it would detract from the line of the cottage and trees and then the distant fields and horizon. I had been looking at the Scottish colourists and wanted to replicate something of that impressionist style and colour: I retained a strong blue outline around some of the trees and the cottage, which also served to emphasise the distant view.

Despite my machinations earlier in the course, I enjoyed making this piece. I did numerous sketches first in biro, pencil and soft pastel. I took photos and looked at the house from different angles but I felt this gave the best view of the distance while also holding interest in the foreground. The cottage was more interesting being half-concealed: the colour ensures it stands out, but hidden by trees, it remains part of the landscape rather than being there in spite of if; the angle of the cottage points towards the distant horizon. Using oil pastels and oil stick also felt more instinctive for me than using dry media: they elicit a more relaxed and spontaneous response. So overall, a happier experience and I hope more interesting result.

Onto the next!

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