'Formative Feedback'

OCA, Part 3 Reflection on tutor feedback

Really helpful feedback from my OCA tutor: positive about progress, indicating where & how I can improve, specific comments on both strengths & weaknesses; suggested reading. Acknowledging & accepting subjects I found challenging and, for me, uninteresting.

I frequently if erroneously think that what I see, others can see, what is obvious and clear to me, must be obvious and clear to everyone else, right? No! I’m slowly realizing that this is not the case: we notice different things… many people will see what I do, but many more will see things differently, which makes things so interesting. Hence, what I see, what I notice – is worth recording, worth noting and describing… this is art; when we we experience a piece of art or a performance we have a glimpse of the world through the eyes of that artist (albeit with our own filters & cultural references as well); but we need other people's art to find out what others see or believe or perceive; to gain a brief glimpse into the experience of others, their cultural, social and political worlds.

Regarding some of my work: I need to be more attentive & analytical to the visual information in front of me. Also, this is a relief: ‘look for any overall patterns and rules – so you don’t have to faithfully draw every tiny morsel to get it right’. I sometimes feel I should try to record every detail and then struggle either with boredom or simply getting lost – it seems obvious now it’s pointed out.

My research into artists and subjects that interest me is noted and going well. As is my perseverance, research and analysis when I need to develop something that’s just not going well. Good use of tone and a range of marks.

Focus, strategy & immediacy in some of the landscape sketches, which points me to subjects that interest me – rural landscape, through I’d prefer wilderness to the laconic idyll of Hobbit-Shire where I live! (That’s a reflection on the countryside, not my neighbours!)

I don’t enjoy drawing inside buildings – all that linear perspective, I feel I may as well do an architectural drawing with slide rule, pen etc. It shows in the work I produced for this section, but I kept trying and that was also acknowledged – thank you!

Dissatisfaction with myself & work is noted as healthy as long as it allows me to press ahead & not get too caught up in trying to find ‘my style’… it will develop naturally.

Townscapes – ‘competent & well executed’ – I wasn’t expecting that, I didn’t really like what I produced, but I take it on board. Some strategies to explore – approach doing the work in the style of different artists & see how it feels, different methods: line only, tone or shadow only. Develop a narrative within the image. Or find other strategies.

Apparently I take a reflective & analytic approach: now to consider how to tackle the issues I find difficult. Expand the reflective blog: more information, more detail, upload more of my work, so here are a few more roughs from my sketch book.

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