OCA Part 5 The head

Exercise 1: Facial features

I found I actually enjoyed this part. I probably didn't do enough due to conflicting demands on my time, but I found it much easier to create convincing drawing of constituent parts of the face, than the full head; as I did with parts of the body such as hands and legs rather than the full body.

Research point: portraits and artist self-portraits

Again, here is a tiny selection of the work I looked at: some online, in Pinterest, some directly in galleries such as the National Portrait Gallery, London, some from books:

Exercise 2: Your own head

Ok, not for the vain this exercise. It's also pretty tricky angling a mirror, getting the light right, balancing a sketch board & paper so I can draw while still see myself. And I discovered that I can't measure my reflection holding an object like the pencil up to my eye because it gets in the way of the reflection... obviously! Interestingly as I created a Pinterest page of artists' self-portraits, I noticed that as most of them were working from a mirror reflection, their eyes are mostly angled to one side - with their head slightly turned and eyes looking at their own reflection, which I found myself doing.

So, several sketches and two not so great pieces later:

1. Soft pastel 2. Ink


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